Go-to Formal Season Checklist!

Any of you know that formal is a very exciting and highly anticipated event for the year. Makeup, hair, photos, dancing, food and a special venue is bound to get anyone hyped up. Here's a detailed list of some things to keep in check to allow preparation for your big day to run smoothly.

Note: None of the things listed are considered essential....If you don't want to fake tan or shave your legs, you go girl!

3 Months before:

  • (Ideally) Go dress shopping and purchase a formal dress/outfit that makes you feel super confident!

  • Also keep an eye out for shoes, jewelry, and a clutch and purchase when it suits you!

  • Begin taking care of yourself by figuring out your skin care routine. Not a good idea to start with any new products close to the date in case your skin decides to freak out!

2 Months before:

  • Book your makeup appointment (with me!) by texting to 0452 212 083 to confirm your time and date.

  • Also book any other necessary appointments such as hair, nails and tanning.

  • Ensure other details are sorted such as pre's, afters and travel to the event.

1 Month before:

  • Get inspired by looking at pictures of hair and makeup that you like, and communicate this to the person you have booked with so appointments can run smoothly.

  • Start breaking in your shoes (if they're new) to avoid nasty blisters on the night!

  • Finalize and confirm any appointments and plans with your friends.

2 Days before:

  • Shave/wax any unwanted hair such as eyebrows, underarms and legs. Also exfoliate your body to get rid of any dead skin.

  • (If required) Fake tan using a mitt and leave for 4-6 hours to develop before washing off. Ensure to moisturize afterwards to prevent dry, cracked skin.

  • If you're doing your own nails, do them now!

1 Day before

  • Wash hair the night before to allow it to settle and for natural moisture to be restored.

  • Pack your clutch: Wallet, phone, tickets, ID, lipstick, mints, bobby/safety pins, band-aids, and mini perfume.

  • Pamper yourself.... Have a bubble bath, put on a face mask, whatever makes you feel relaxed!

  • Get a good nights sleep!

On the day:

  • Have a good breakfast and lunch to keep you going throughout your busy day.

  • Shower to ensure you are feeling your freshest (particularly as it is hot during AU Formal Season).

  • Attend the appointments you have made - If you're coming to see me for makeup... I can't wait to meet you and treat you like gold!

  • Finish getting ready by putting on your dress, accessories and shoes.

  • Go to pres, take some nice pictures and then head to formal!

I hope you all have an amazing time on your special night out. This time of year is so exciting, and getting glammed up is definitely one of the best parts. Enjoy!

Olivia xx