Freelance vs. Counter Artists: What's the difference?

Is there really any sort of difference between freelance makeup artists and those who work at counters such as M.A.C, Benefit, Sephora, Mecca or Napoleon Perdis? In fact, there are both many similarities and differences between the two in terms of product, flexibility and service. Continue reading to find out what these are, to choose the option that suits you!

Benefits of a Freelance Makeup Artist [Like me!]:

• Provide a quality service using reliable products from a range of different high end brands

• Individualised treatment of clients with one on one communication prior to event date

• Work independently and are not bound to a company, providing security as clients know who will be doing their makeup on the day

• Mobile service and will often travel TO YOU = Luxury and convenient service! I.e. You can stay in your pyjamas whilst you get your makeup done, who wouldn't love that?

Some things to consider:

• Unlike counters, freelancers do not enable you to purchase products equivalent to the price of the service i.e. I do not supply makeup products for you to keep and take home.

• With only one working makeup artist, bookings may fill up quickly as one individual can only be done in one time slot. So get booking girls!


Benefits of a Counter Makeup Artist:

• Provide a good service using products from one brand in which they are trained

• Able to fit in multiple bookings in one time slot using different makeup artists

• You are able to redeem/purchase makeup products of equivalent value to the service

Some things to consider:

• Counter artists are employed in retail stores as sales people who work off commission, therefore it is essential that products are sold to you by them on the day.

• Limited selection of products for clients as stores are bound to certain brand/s

• Not an individualised service; Artist is unknown to you until the day, You are unknown to the artist until the day and thus all communication must occur during the appointment

• Artist must continue to engage with other customers that browse the store during your appointment, meaning things may run overtime

At the end of the day, it is important that you choose a service which feels right for you. As a freelance makeup artist myself, I know that I value an individualised service whereby I can talk to my clients and they can talk to me.

Looking forward to hearing from a lot of you this upcoming formal season,

Olivia xx