10 Meltproof Makeup Tips for Summer

''Is that sweat... or highlighter?'' I've giggled to myself multiple times this summer. The Australian Summer is full of wonderful things - but 40 degree heat, melting makeup, smeared mascara and sticky lips are not among them. Lately I've been having particular trouble with my foundation going splotchy and uneven; and now I say... no more! So, here are my top tips for keeping your makeup looking fresh the whole day, even when the weather is working against you.

1. Start with a proper base

Makeup always turns out the best when you take the time to take care of your skin properly. Products such as SPF Sunscreen and Moisturiser are SO important to use in the Summertime, but sometimes the greasy formula can cause foundation to sweat off and seperate on the skin. I would reccommend picking up products with a 'non-greasy' or 'matifying' labelled formula to avoid this.

2. Take time to prime

It is crucial to prime in the Summertime in order to enhance the longwear and appearance of your makeup. If you feel like your makeup doesnt last, or you begin to look oily and sweaty throughout the day; I would recommend using a matifying or longwear primer - lately I've been using the Benefit Porefessional 'Matte Rescue' gel and it's worked so well!

3. Watch your coverage

The more layers of foundation you put on... the more layers you have to sweat off. When wearing heaving makeup, it makes it difficult for your skin to breathe and as a result a sweaty/streaky base occurs. To avoid this, opt for a lighter coverage and a more natural look on those super hot days.

4. Use waterproof products

One of the simplest tricks to keeping your makeup meltproof is... using waterproof makeup products! These are sweat and smudgeproof and so there's no need to worry! I would recommend investing in waterproof products that normally smudge easily i.e. mascara and eyeliner.

5. Stay, don't stray!

Don't be afraid to layer products! For example, want to know how to increase the longevity of your blush or highlighter? Layer a cream blush or highlight on top of your foundation, then follow this with the correspondeing product in powder form. Bam! It'll last all day, regardless of the heat/

6. Think about formula

Particularly when it comes to eyebrows, you need to consider the formula. Waxy pencil? Waterproof pomade? Light shadow? Choose what works for you. A longwearing (possibly waterproof) waxy formula will always give the best results in hot and humid weather.

7. Watch your actions

What can I say? Don't touch your face! The more you touch your face throughout the day with your oily, sweaty hands... the more likely it is that your makeup will rub off.

8. Tint your lips

Normal lip product such and lipsticks and lipglosses can go patchy and sticky thoughout the day, not to mention dry cracked lips from the sun. Opt for a longlasting lip tint to lock in colour, and combine this with a good lipbalm to keep your lips moisturised all day!

9. Stop the Shine

Looking sweaty and oily throughout the day? Preventing build up of these can help maintain the pristine look of your makeup. Using thin blotting sheets and a small amount of translucent power in the T-zone throughout the day can prevent you from looking like a sweaty mess.

10. Set with Spray!

Invest in a really good setting spray such as the Urban Decay 'All Nighter Setting Spray' to completely lock in your makeup. Trust me. It works. After spraying this stuff on your face, your makeup isn't going anywhere - rain, hail, or shine!

And thats it! I hope everyone is having a fantasitc Summer - Remember to keep hydrated and drink lots of water! Hopefully with these tips, your makeup will stay on a little better on those hot days and nights out.

Olivia xx